Fireplace mantels for all tastes

fireplace mantelsThe natural stone opens really ample opportunities! Without it it is difficult to manage, especially when developing design of fireplaces mantels. The fireplace often is the most important sight in the house. Every day fireplaces gain ground: them establish not only in houses, but also at offices of various firms. And, as we know, demand dictates the offer.

Let’s consider with you the most popular styles in fireplaces mantels:

The classical fireplace has a P-shaped portal and, as a rule, an open fire chamber. The classical fireplace on style features of registration of a portal shares on the groups which have been closely connected with the separate historical periods of development of chimney business.
For example, classical English fireplaces are easy for learning on the small sizes of a portal and an open fire chamber from cast iron.
Classical empire fireplaces keep strict proportions and simplicity of lines. Traditionally they are decorated with the decorative elements originating from the Roman Empire: lion’s paws, sphinxes, griffins, caryatids. End of decorative ensemble is the big mirror over a fireplace.
Classical fireplaces in style of Rococo and Baroque is a variety of the small decorative elements many decorating the chimney shelf and a dymosbornik. One of fireplace signs in baroque style is its big sizes.fireplace mantels

Generally in classical fireplaces the portal is executed from marble. As an ornament the portal of a fireplace of classical style can contain sculptural elements or bas-reliefs and even statues.

Style a country (rustic) – rural style. The main distinctive feature of such fireplaces – a portal reminding the letter “D”. Fireplaces mantels of this style are made of a porous material: sandstone or shell rock. For facing the brick, a tree is used, insert marble and granite elements. Such fireplaces look very comfortably and cheaply. Recently fireplaces in style a rustic lose popularity after the country real estate left on high level of design and quality, fireplaces in modernist style use the increasing popularity.

Modernist style combines Basic Elements of classics only as a basis that allows such fireplaces to be entered in a modern situation of the apartment or office easily. The imagination of master designers is done by these fireplaces modern. Or several shelves from marble it is possible to emphasize with one very successfully design of a fireplace mantels and to create the present of a work of art In this style use pig-iron fire chambers, and gilyatinovy pig-iron fire chambers which give effect of live fire are especially popular!

fireplace mantelsStyle a high tech comprises limiting severity and laconicism of forms. The natural stone, and especially marble often began to use a high tech in style fireplaces. It turns out very much even interestingly and nicely.

Electrofireplaces mantels
Our company makes facings for electrofireplaces on the production, and we will try to realize any your imagination. The range of let-out production is very extensive from facings for electrofireplaces in Rustic style to “Huy Tek”.

It is not recommended:
1. To heat the center coniferous breeds of a tree.
2. To throw into fire plywood and the big not split firewood.
3. To throw into fire empty packs from cigarets, from milk, juice, plastic packages.
4. To fill with fuel a center fire chamber more than on a quarter of its volume.
5. To put in a fire chamber the logs exceeding length of a fire chamber.

It is forbidden:
1. To open windows and doors during center burning.
2. To empty burning coals from an ashpit and to take out on the street.
3. To store and hang out clothes and rags indoors, where the center.
4. To store in a room flying and flammable liquids.
5. To clean metal and copper surfaces a nazhdachny skin.
6. To heat the center logs in diameter more than 100 mm.
7. To leave without supervision the kindled center.

Carrying out these simple rules you will secure the chimney hall against a fire and each kindling of the center will turn into solemn ritual not deprived of romanticism and mysteriousness.